Sunday, March 24, 2013

Extensions? A Wig? I Dont Even Know!

So, I've talked to y'all before about how my hair has fallen out. It's pretty thin now. I can't really wear it down anymore, but wearing it up is also awkward too because I have some bald spots on the sides of my head. It doesn't do much for one's self esteem. I've been looking into wigs, but then also I've been thinking about getting extensions. Have you ever had extensions or known someone who's done them? I feel like I want to do something, and maybe extensions is easier than a wig? I know nothing about either though. Wigs can be expensive, but then again I'm sure extensions can be as well. What do you suggest? I wish I could have a solution by my friend Piper's wedding April 13. Is that feasible? I don't even know. I wish my friend DJ lived in DC! He would know what to do.

Did you guys have a relaxing weekend? I worked Friday night until 3 am. Brutal, ammirite? I've been relaxing a lot lately and reading A Casual Vacancy for my book club. Have you read that book? It's kind of hard to follow, but I'm getting into it.

I FaceTimed with Camila yesterday, and she was doing a wrap party with my cousins and family for It Works! That's her new biz that she's started working for. Y'all. I can't tell you how awesome this product is. I saw what it did for one of Camila's clients and it is insane! After 45 minutes and just one wrap that difference was amazing. I didn't really buy into it before. I'm always hesitant of products like this, but I'm totally buying into it now. Camila is sending me a wrap to try, and I will take before and after pictures and blog about it. You can go check out It Works! over on her blog. Let me know if you decide to try it! I've been taking the Greens for a few weeks now, and I feel great. I recommend those, too. I've been putting them in water, but I hear they are better in juice in just a quick shot.

I think the thalidomide is slowllllllly starting to work. I'm so ready I can't even tell y'all. I know it'll take awhile to undo what I did to myself, but I'm working on it. Hopefully one day y'all will come to read my blog and I'll just be like oh hey Irene is gone, what? I'll just drop it all casual like. It will be so exciting!

I've been trying to find last minute flights home in 2 weeks. Well, a week from this weekend.  I wish flights weren't so expensive! I wish I had a magic card that I could book flights on for free and then accrue all the miles. Can anyone make that happen?

Song of the Post: Tegan and Sara -- Back In Your Head


  1. You would probably be better to go with extensions attached to little combs or clips. You can get them to match your hair at Sally's or next time you are in Atlanta there is an awesome place here that will match your color and length prior to sewing the clips. The actual sewn in extensions run around 500 for a decent job (will last 6-8 weeks) and they damage your hair pretty badly. So glad to hear your meds are starting to work!! Get lost Irene!

    1. Thanks Haley! That's good to know! I'll check out the comb clips!

  2. I agree that clip in extensions might be the way to go. Especially because extensions can make your natural hair thin too and you don't want to lose what you have!
    Can't wait to hear that Irene is gone!

  3. I'm wondering how thin your hair is right now? You can see extensions pretty easily unless you have natural hair to mesh in and essentially cover the clip-ins or sew-ins. For that reason alone I would suggest considering a wig. If your hair is still full enough to cover extensions, you should talk with a hair stylist to see if they would work for you! Good luck and I hope you find a good solution for the wedding!