Monday, April 1, 2013

Southland in the Springtime

I got another medicine taken away! My rheumy decided it was okay for us to take away my Imuran! Progress. I like it. So now I'm just on prednisone, INH, plaquinil and my monthly infusion of Benlysta. Progress = me getting better slowly but surely. It feels good. It's a road that I think I made longer than necessary, but it's nice that I'm in a great place mentally and working on getting to a great place physically.

I'm heading to Georgia on Thursday night. I can't wait to be at home with my parents, and to sleep in my own bed. I'll eat at my favorite restaurant and see friends who are home. I'll get to wig shop with DJ. Maybe I'll post pictures of us shopping. Are you on Instagram? You should follow me if you are! DCLion is my name!

I have a celebratory bottle of champagne in my fridge that I was supposed to share with my last boyfriend when I got better. We're obviously no longer together, and honestly not really speaking, but I look forward to the day when I can pop that sucker open and celebrate being better. I know I'll have some amazing people right there beside me.

Did you have an amazing Easter? I know I really enjoyed spending time with my cousins. I read the Bible every day during Lent, and though I haven't quite finished yet, it's been really great reading it straight through. Did you accomplish your Lenten goals?

3 days to Georgia. Home, I'll see you soon.

Song of the Post: Indigo Girls -- Southland in the Springtime


  1. I've got a joke for you! A red head tells her blonde sister, I slept with a brazilian. The blonde replies omg! How many is a brazilian? hahaha..happy hump day!

  2. Where have you gone?!?! I don't know you and likely never will but I miss your posts! I hope all is alright.